Live for more style

New Kwid Climber

The All-New Renault KWID CLIMBER

Get ready to steal the spotlight with Renault's new crossover

Style goes electric

Climber Front fog lamps

Front fog lamps

The new and improved front fog lamps design give the new KWID CLIMBER a stronger look.
Climber Muscular style wheels

Muscular style wheels

To go with the new sportier design, the new KWID CLIMBER comes with a set of muscular style wheels.
Climber Arching roof bars

Arching roof bars

Not only do they look good, they bring functionality to your KWID CLIMBER. The new arching roof bars with orange accents come standard with the new KWID CLIMBER. Use the extra space to carry your sports equipment, without making a mess.
Climber Front & rear terrain protector

Front & rear terrain protector

This feature allows you to protect your car when driving on tough roads.
Climber Door protection cladding

Door protection cladding

This new design allows you to preserve your paint by adding an extra layer of protection.

Energising, inside out

Climber Ergo smart cabin with orange accents

Ergo smart cabin with orange accents

The Renault KWID CLIMBER's new design is a breath of fresh air. Equipped with orange accents all over, including orange door trim accents and side air vents with contour finish, it will turn your boring commute into a fun and enjoyable driving experience.
Climber Premium contoured seats with integrated headrests

Premium contoured seats with integrated headrests

The newly-designed premium contoured seats with integrated headrests add to the car’s uncompromised comfort. The orange accents complement the stylish exterior.
Climber Sporty steering wheel with CLIMBER insignia

Sporty steering wheel with CLIMBER insignia

The sporty steering wheel comes not only with unique orange perforations but also with the CLIMBER insignia.
Climber AT

Dash-mounted AT dial

The Renault KWID CLIMBER version comes with the dash-mounted AT dial, that allows you to have a clutch-free driving experience. An advanced control unit automatically optimises gear shifting in accordance with driving conditions for smooth and regular acceleration.
Climber First-in-class touchscreen Media NAV

First-in-class touchscreen Media NAV

The Media NAV system comes with a range of functions such as navigation, Bluetooth® audio streaming and hands-free telephony, USB & AUX–input ports and speed sensing volume control. The piano black centre fascia with orange contours seamlessly blends with the upholstery marked by the CLIMBER insignia.